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What’s the difference between silver and white fillings?

Most adults will get cavities at some point in their lives. Over nine in ten adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have cavities in their teeth, while one in four lives with untreated cavities.

In order to maintain optimal dental health, you should seek the services of a dentist. This will help you avoid more serious issues down the road. Understanding the difference between silver and white fillings will help you make an informed choice about treating your cavities.

How Do Silver and White Fillings Differ?

Silver fillings are made of metal. Silver is combined with copper, tin and mercury to form a strong blend called an amalgam. White fillings, on the other hand, are made of ceramic and plastic.

Both types are equally good at repairing cavities, but many insurance companies may only cover silver fillings. You should contact your dental insurance provider to learn more about coverage.

Silver fillings are durable and are especially good for molars since these teeth take a lot of force. Out of the two types, silver fillings are the least expensive.

The metal in silver fillings hardens quickly and therefore is easier for the dentist to place in areas beneath the gum line. This area is moist and is best dealt with with the quick hardening amalgam.

The only advantage that white fillings have over silver ones is their appearance. Their white color allows them to blend in with your tooth’s enamel. A big disadvantage of white fillings is that recurrent decay is more common below white fillings.

Fillings in Bellevue, WA

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