What are Smart Restorations?

It can be difficult for your child to feel comfortable when visiting the dentist and some children have severe fears and anxiety over dental treatment. Smart restorations use absolutely no local anesthetic, which means no needles or injections. If a cavity is found in one of your child’s teeth, it will be treated using gentle techniques and instruments rather than loud, vibrating drills. A glass ionomer filling is then placed, which can help in providing structural integrity to the tooth.

Why are Smart Restorations needed?

We typically recommend smart restorations for children who are very anxious over having dental work done. The procedure is ideal for children who have cavities and need to have a filling placed. Rather than using a high-speed drill to remove the decay from the tooth, handheld instruments are used and there is no anesthetic required. The procedure is more comfortable and relaxed for your anxious child, allowing them to receive the care that they need.

What makes your child a good candidate for Smart Restorations?

Children who show extreme fear or anxiety over the dental office will benefit greatly from smart restorations. Because no anesthetic is needed, there are no injections or syringes present in the room, which can help in reducing fear when your child is receiving treatment. We will examine your child’s smile to check for signs of cavities and to provide necessary treatment as needed. Preventative steps can be taken to keep cavities at bay.

What can be expected with Smart Restoration treatment?

Your child will come into the office for an examination performed by Dr. Ong. If cavities are present, we may recommend smart restorations for them. Your child will have the decay removed from the tooth using handheld tools rather than a drill. This prevents loud noise and vibration, which makes the procedure more comfortable. A glass ionomer filling is then placed in the small hole that was created. The procedure takes very little time and is done without the use of sedation or local anesthetic.

If you are interested in smart restorations for your anxious child, call our office today and our helpful staff members can further assist you.

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