What is a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy, which is sometimes known as a baby root canal, is performed as a way to preserve baby teeth within the mouth. When decay has been allowed to infiltrate the inner pulp of a tooth, a root canal is typically necessary. Rather than perform a full root canal, a pulpotomy involves removing only the infected and diseased portion of the pulp. This preserves the rest of the pulp inside the tooth, which can prevent the tooth from breaking, cracking or future damage.

Why is a Pulpotomy needed?

The most common reason for needing a pulpotomy is because a child has a cavity that was ignored for too long. The tooth decay has been able to go deep into the tooth, infiltrating the pulp. When this occurs, the tooth may be very painful and even sensitive to hot and cold. A pulpotomy can eliminate the diseased portion of the pulp, thus eliminating the pain and sensitivity that your child has been experiencing.

Who is a candidate for Pulpotomy?

To determine if your child may need a pulpotomy, Dr. Ong will examine their teeth. We may take x-rays to determine how far down the decay has gone into the tooth. Pulpotomies may sound complicated, but they are incredibly simplistic procedures and are essential for preserving your child’s oral health. Over time, the baby tooth falls out as usual and the permanent tooth comes into place.

What happens during the Pulpotomy process?

The pulpotomy process will involve numbing the area with an anesthetic. We will remove the decay from the tooth completely. Only the diseased or infected portion of the pulp is removed from the tooth. A medicated dressing is placed over the remaining pulp. The tooth is then closed with a tooth-colored filling and your child is ready to leave the office. The procedure should take no longer than about an hour in the office.

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