How Can I Encourage Good Hygiene in my Child?

Most parents wonder how to teach their children good hygiene without shaming them. According to our pediatric dentist in Bellevue, WA, a parent should create oral hygiene awareness for their child as from ages 2 and 3. At Art of Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that creating a hygiene routine for children when they are young will create a habit that will last throughout their lives. Simple hygiene routines include washing hands, skincare, and thorough oral health. Dr. Yu Ong recommends that good oral hygiene practices should start from home.

What is the importance of Good Hygiene in a Child?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, hygiene in kids reduces bacteria that cause illness. Research shows that children under good oral hygiene practices have high confidence. Children who practice good oral health will be at low risk of dental problems. So, it’s time never early to educate them on oral hygiene to stay healthy.

Who is a Good Candidate for Good Hygiene?

Mostly, children will always want to explore the world on their own. Often, toddlers pick every object taking it straight to the mouth; this is a sign that they need to understand good hygiene. In such cases, parents will stop the kids from putting every item to the mouth. Hygiene practices will differ from age to age. At a point, your kid will require toilet hygiene, shower hygiene, and even nail hygiene. As a parent, you need to know the right time to introduce a new oral hygiene routine to your child.

What is the process of Good Hygiene in a Child?

If you want to improve your child’s hygiene habits, first demonstrate what you want them to do calmly. You can use a sign to remind the routine, for instance, with a toddler, you can hang a picture of children brushing their teeth. This will act as a reminder to the kid, thus improving the habit of dental hygiene. For a child, it might take time to learn a new habit. Dr. Ong recommends that you start a new habit at the beginning of the week and make it a primacy. Only add a new one once you are comfortable with the current one. Most children will find the exercise fun when they learned it calmly easy to remember.

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