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Digital X-rays

What are Digital X-rays?

X-rays are often necessary for us to see underneath the team and gums in your child’s mouth. The teeth are very similar to icebergs, since there is a lot going on just below the surface. We use digital x-ray technology in our practice for all of our patients. Digital x-rays use less radiation and are quicker than traditional radiographs.

Why are Digital X-rays needed?

Digital x-rays give us a clear view of your child’s oral health. We often require x-rays at most of their appointments so that we can monitor for any changes or problems. As your child grows up, we use these x-rays to keep up with the loss and development of their teeth. Digital x-rays can be taken in minutes and develop on the screen right in the room.

“Dr. Ong was very knowledgeable and nice! Very nice with kids! Would recommend his practice for everyone!”

Mariana K.

When can your child expect Digital X-rays?

We often take digital x-rays at most of your child’s visits. These images enable us to get a clear view of your child’s oral health. Your child can expect x-rays at different times throughout treatment and these include:
• Emergency appointments
• Checkup visits
• Prior to orthodontic treatment
• Prior to oral surgery
• To monitor development and growth

What happens during the Digital X-ray process?

The x-ray process will begin by placing a lead apron over your child’s body. A small device is placed inside the mouth. The x-ray is then taken and the image shows up immediately on our computer screens. Dr. Ong will then use these images to help provide the treatment that your child needs. As a parent, you can feel confident in knowing that digital x-rays use a small amount of radiation and are safe for them when taken regularly. You can expect x-rays to be taken at the vast majority of your child’s visits into our office, and we will always let you know before any x-ray will be taken.
If your child needs new digital x-rays and you want to learn more about this technology being used, call us today to speak with one of our team members.

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